Busking with Sarah Jaffe, Part Two: "I Had a Hard Time Writing"

Back on Monday, we brought you a brand-new video of Sarah Jaffe busking for Globe Trek Productions from inside the Majestic Theatre. (She'll be playing there on Saturday to celebrate the release of her new album, Don't Disconnect.) Yesterday, we had a profile of Jaffe, which is on the cover of this week's Observer, in which she spoke at length about the creation of the new record. Now the folks at Globe Trek are back with the conclusion of the busking session with the local singer, and appropriately the video would seem to tie together all those themes from this week's content.

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Which is to say, in the brief snippet of conversation Jaffe has at the beginning of the video, she touches one of the main anecdotes that came up in the cover story: her trip to Marfa, Texas last summer that led to the creation of Don't Disconnect. As it turned up, that trip didn't lead to the bounty of new songs that she had anticipated, but it eventually set her on the right track.

In that light, the song she chooses to play, "Defense," can be seen more clearly in a new light -- and not just because she's performing on the roof of the theater, rather than on the darkened stage. Many of the songs on the new album revolve around interpersonal issues, but "Defense" clearly owes a lot to the struggles of the creative process. "I should get away for a while," she sings on the chorus, before realizing that it's better not to over-think things: "I just push the button and I leave it alone."

Fortunately, as Jaffe points out in the video, everything worked out in the end. "I had a hard time writing," she admits. "But my record came out of it."

Don't Disconnect is out now through Kirtland Records and available through iTunes and Amazon.

SARAH JAFFE plays at 7 p.m., Saturday, August 23 at the Majestic Theatre, 1925 Elm St. Tickets here.

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