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Catch Old School Punk Warriors GBH This Weekend at The Door’s Prophet Bar

It’s rare that a band with members over 40 years of age makes its way to The Prophet Bar, but, on Saturday, Britain’s legendary punk group GBH makes a rare local appearance.

GBH just wrapped up a 40 date schedule as part of the Vans Warp Tour and are doing a few club dates before heading back across the pond. This Saturday night bill also features Austin’s Krum Bums and our own loveable punk trio Greyskull.

Besides the inherent coolness of the gig, it’s just come to my attention that GBH’s last effort, 2004’s Cruel & Unusual, was released by local label extraordinaire Idol Records.

“We are talking about more releases with GBH in the future,” says Idol Records’ head honcho Erv Karwelis. “But it’s tough getting those guys rounded up in the studio since they tour worldwide non-stop and when they do come off the road, the members scatter all over the place.”

For those whose long term memory might be alcoholically impaired, GBH (the name was inspired by then-bassist Sean McCarthy's trial for grievous bodily harm) was one of the earliest pioneers of British hardcore punk. The band’s magnum opus may well be its 1981 debut Leather, Bristles, Studs and Acne.

“For some reason, the D/FW press has never given the band any coverage even though they are punk rock legends on a Dallas label,” says Karwelis.

Calm down Erv. We friendly folks at DC-9 are here to rectify that, post haste. --Darryl Smyers

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