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Chambers Premiere "Midlake Hates Chambers" Video for New Record, Inner Room

We have to hand it to Chambers: There is, indeed, more than one way to promote a record. If you're a major-label artist, there's a good chance that will mean over-the-top self-aggrandizement. But for the moody four-piece from Denton, they opted to take the opposite route: complete self-laceration. And whaddya know, it's a pretty fun idea.

The band, which includes Judson Valdez, Chase and Piper Johnson and Daniel Pelletier, are releasing Inner Room on June 10. In honor of the release, they're having members of other local bands sit down and talk shit about the record. First came Seryn. And now, with the album release right around the corner, come Midlake.

The video features Eric Nichelson and Joey McClellan, who pull out a Fisher-Price tape recorder and (jokingly, of course) mistake the title of the album for the much "rapier-sounding" In Her Room. They also poke fun at the idea of Chambers imitating Midlake, who of course are also from Denton.

All in all, it makes for good fun, even if it doesn't reveal too much about the album. (You can snag a download of the title track here, by the way.) It can be all too easy for any of us to take ourselves too seriously, so it's refreshing to see folks like Chambers -- whose music doesn't treat matters too lightly itself -- poke some holes in their own self-importance.

Here's the full Midlake video:

And here is the previous Seryn video:

CHAMBERS play album release shows with Air Release on June 6 at Dan's Silver Leaf in Denton and on June 27 at Club Dada.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.