Club News: Elm Street Bar Rises From The Dead Once More, and Pearl at Commerce Does, Too.

Elm Street Bar is going for a record.

If it can stay in business for six months straight after it re-opens on Monday, August 29, it will be the longest run the place has had in years.

Some say it's cursed (we may or may not be guilty of that), but co-owner Carl Priggre isn't fazed by such superstition.

"We're going to break the curse," he says. "I can guarantee you that."

Priggre has his work cut out for him, though. When he took over operations back in February, his doors were shuttered just under three months later in May. The hold-up was all in the paperwork, he says.

"We had to go get a new SUP [Special Use Permit for a bar, lounge, or tavern]," Priggre says. "The city dragged their feet. They're so behind because of what's going on on Greenville Avenue with the new SUPs over there."

Now that that's all settled, Elm Steet Bar will return to its original format with live music on the weekends, and dubstep and dance nights during the rest of the week.

Just a few blocks west from there, local blues haven Pearl at Commerce is also reopening its doors after a few months of being closed.

While owner Tracy Yost couldn't be reached for comment, according to the press release that arrived in the DC9 inbox this weekend, Yost had suffered some health problems earlier this year.

That, coupled with the bad economy, made it impossible to keep the place open.

The good news? Yost got better. And, once that happened, the space the club once occupied was still available. So Yost has decided to give it another go.

The venue will return to business with four grand opening parties between September 8 and September 17. Seem a little excessive? Maybe. But Yost is just happy to have her club back. Check her club's website for full details on these events.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.