Corn Mo Announces More Album Details, Is Great At Karaoke

Last we heard, Corn Mo and .357 Lover's upcoming full-length, Diorama of the Golden Lion, was set for a late August release. Well, this week, an official update: The album from the operatic glam-rocker will see a September 29 release. A little bit of a push-back? Sure. But, in exchange, something of a trade-off, as Corn Mo's released the pretty awesome cover art for the new disc (see above right), as well as the full track-listing (check it out after the jump).

For more information on the new disc, as well as just another opportunity to catch up and familiarize yourself with the former Dentonite, may we direct your eyes elsewhere for a moment to Observer contributor Cory Grave's Subservient Experiment blog? Earlier today, SubEx posted an interview with Corn Mo that's well worth the read.

How so? Well, this, for starers:

You really have one of those voices that sounds good singing just about any type of music, and you've also played in jazz bands, country bands, metal bands, glam bands, etc. What is your favorite genre to play and/or sing?

CM: Metal. Although, when I'm at the karaoke bar I usually do Kid Rock. And I'm fucking good at it.

Read the whole interview here.

Diorama of the Golden Lion track-listing:

1. Diorama of the Golden Lion
2. Nighttime School
3. Maybe Tonite
4. Give It Up
5. Event Horizon
6. Time Cop
7. German Lady Special
8. Old Man
9. Sweet Kentucky Girl
10. Junior High
11. I'm Sorry
12. High on the Horse
13. Thank You
14. You're My Baby
15. Hava Nagilah Monster

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.