Dallas-based Techno Artist Convextion Gets Named To Fact Magazine 's Best Albums of the '00s List

British-based Fact Magazine recently released it's best albums of the decade list (everyone's doing it!) and here's an interesting inclusion of note: Coming in at No. 21 on the taste-making mag's list is Dallas-based electro artist Gerard Hanson, who scores with the 2006, self-titled album he release under his Convextion moniker.

Writes Fact scribe Krian Sande:

Gerard Hanson has enjoyed eminence among techno producers ever since his earliest releases on Matrix Records in the mid-late 90s. A native of Dallas, Texas, he's developed an isolationist but incredibly soulful techno sound... Pretty much every one of Hanson's absolute-bugger-to-track-down 12" singles are worth owning (including the more electro-leaning fare he records as ERP), but the self-titled Convextion album of 2006 is the most satisfying and economically viable one-stop-shop... In Convextion's hands, techno still sounds vital, and futuristic; and it aches - oh, how it aches.

Many congrats to Hanson, who rarely performs locally, instead choosing to hop off to one-off gigs throughout Europe, where his icy-cool sound has found a bigger audience than it has in the States. And how: Fact places Convextion higher on its list than critically acclaimed releases from the likes of Portishead, Hot Chip, Arcade Fire, Beirut and even Daft Punk.

(Thanks to Convextion's fellow area electro-head Wanz Dover for the hat tip.)

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.