Dallas' Don't Wake Aislin Asks That You Not Snooze On Helping Them Play The Billboard Music Awards

Right around the turn of the calendar year, Billboard reached out to 17 bands across the country -- bands that had little to no prior contact with the trade magazine, no less -- and asked them to compete for a chance to perform at this year's Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas.

Dallas' own Don't Wake Aislin was among the bands approached to compete in the contest, which divides the country into regions for a semi-final of sorts, pitting the band against two other Texas acts for a chance to represent the Southwest region in the final round. Votes are counted on the Billboard website, where fans can regionally vote for their favorite bands as many times as they like, until the contest ends tonight.

Earlier this week, we caught with the Christian rock outfit's guitarist Brandon Brown and talked with him a bit about his band's sound, which he describes as "unique," despite the fact that the local outfit is so often associated with other female-fronted bands.

"We have a girl singer with an amazing voice," Brown says. "And our music is kind of heavy alternative rock music. [People] see the chick-fronted rock band, and the quickest line they can draw in their mind is to Paramore and Flyleaf. But, really, the sounds, side by side, are not very similar."

Really, though, would being similar to one of these quite-popular bands hurt them in such a competition? Probably not.

So, hey, go vote for them and support some locals trying to do some big things.

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