M3CCA Releases Music Video for 'Insecurity Blankets'

Over the last year, Dallas hip-hop soul vocalist M3CCA has built a reputation for providing a unique live music experience that is both sensual and spiritual. She recently made her first foray into creating visuals to accompany her music with the release of her first video for her song “Insecurity Blankets” from her EP Fruittape.

The video features M3CCA in the role of a human canvas as nature scenes and psychedelic waves of color beamed from a projector cascade over her. There’s an element of eroticism to the video, but the primary message of the song and video is about overcoming insecurity and learning to become confident with who and what you are.

The project was a DIY effort between M3CCA and director YLLW DMND, who shot the video on film using a vintage Panasonic camera and 8 mm film. The production for the “Insecurity Blankets” video was organic and improvised.

“The idea just came to me," M3CCA says. "I didn’t really write up a treatment or anything like that. I had seen a lot of cool projector stuff online and felt like the older camera and graininess of the film would give it a retro type of feel.”

This weekend, M3CCA will hit the road with shows Saturday at The Parish in Austin and Sunday at Artlanta Gallery in Atlanta. She’s working on new music for a follow-up to Fruittape but says it’s a work in progress she doesn’t want to force.

“I do want to follow up Fruittape possibly with a part two," she says. "But right now, I’m just working on new music and seeing where it goes. I’m just trying to work on the follow-up, whatever that might be. Other than that, I’m just doing shows, working, you know. Trying to work until that moment happens, the break, as they call it."

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.