Dallas Reality Star Teases New Show About Music Venue The Rustic

Kylee Kimosh and Kyle Noonan will star in a reality show centered on Dallas music venue The Rustic.EXPAND
Kylee Kimosh and Kyle Noonan will star in a reality show centered on Dallas music venue The Rustic.
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It's not as if Dallas needed another reality TV show. From Big Rich Texas, Most Eligible Dallas to its spinoff Courtney Loves Dallas and The Real Housewives, Dallas loves the small screen, piling on one show after the next over the last decade.

It appears another show is in the works, with Dallas’ reality queen Courtney Kerr and her new fiance, restaurateur Kyle Noonan, at the helm.

Former Bravo star Kerr took to social media to tease a possible new show that involves one of Noonan’s many entrepreneurial ventures, The Rustic. The 3-minute video garnered close to 62,000 views in a few hours, causing quite the buzz.

“Back to reality TV? Before the world came to a screeching halt, Kyle Noonan and I were working on a fun television project for a major network,” Kerr wrote on her Instagram post. “Like a lot of other plans in 2020, this show was put on hold … but now, with our engagement and the changes in the restaurant industry, this project could have a new story to tell!”

The influencer then instructed her followers to tag the network they believe the sizzle reel was created for. Bravo TV, Netflix, E! and Amazon Prime were all contenders, but as to Kerr and Noonan’s responses to the true winner, mum’s the word. (At least for now.)

Congratulatory comments poured from fellow fashion bloggers as well as from former Real Housewives of Dallas cast member Tiffany Hendra, radio personality Leighann Adam, Kerr's best friend and Courtney Loves Dallas co-star Tori Gonzales Bradburry and Miss Texas USA 2018 Loan Lester. One fan even coined the trailer as the “Vanderpump Rules of the South.”

Highlighting the hustle and bustle of The Rustic, the video opens with Noonan detailing the “massive” restaurant-meets-bar and live-venue hybrid, as a place “doing it bigger the Texas way.”

“More booze is sold at The Rustic than at any other bar in Texas,” he boasts, as the video showcases a packed house, the venue's prototypical Western fashion and lively entertainment.

“We hustle together, we party together, we play together, we fight together, but ultimately we get to celebrate the fact that we are creating the place to be,” Noonan says.

As summarized in the clip, the show will offer behind-the-scenes drama of the restaurant biz, the feistiness of entertainment guru Kylee Kimosh, Matt Schmertz as the over-the-top marketer and Wade Holden as the punchy director of operations.

The bubbly and lovable Kimosh is poised to be the show's breakout star.

"Kylee is a hot-mess hippie. Her work habit is like watching a toddler eat spaghetti for the first time," Noonan says on the clip of his company's entertainment director.

Kimosh says the show was shot over five days in March of last year.

"They were very long days of filming," she tells the Observer, adding that she lost her voice after speaking so much for the cameras.

"Everyone is very surprised that I entered with great hesitation... many think that because I have an outgoing personality that I was just super comfortable," she says. "I really had to push myself to do it, and looking back, I'm very proud of myself because it definitely wasn't natural for me; I'm used to working in entertainment and being behind the scenes, so I'm never in the limelight. To have that opportunity was exciting but also incredibly challenging."

Kimosh says filming with "cameras and bright lights in your face" while trying to perform her regular job duties seemed "next to impossible," but after the second day, she was able to start having fun, and there were a lot of laughs on the show.

Kimosh is excited to showcase the bands that play regularly (even mid-COVID) on the venue's stages.

"It's great for locals to use as a platform to share their music," she says.

The show will also be Kerr’s return to the small screen since her last show on Bravo, Courtney Loves Dallas, ended in 2014. Fans may be eager to catch up with the less-than-no-filter fashion blogger and to get the scoop on her engagement to the restaurateur. With the virality of her quarantined proposal in April 2020, it wouldn’t be a surprise if much of the need-to-know details were left for the cameras.

Whether the reality show will be cringe- or binge-worthy, only time will tell. COVID-19 thwarted production, so a wait continues to see where The Rustic's show will land. Whether Dallas needs another dose of reality is questionable, but if The Rustic is coming, our fingers are crossed they do the Big D proud.

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