If this is you, and you can write, drop us a line.
If this is you, and you can write, drop us a line.
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Do You Know Anything About Country Music?

... And can you write?

Because this fine music section is in need of a freelance country music writer, someone who knows a thing or seven about the local country music scene, as well as the national one.

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If this is you, and you can write — as in you know how to interview people (musicians) and write about the local scene (preview a show, review a show, predict the next big star) — then please reach out to us.

Are you reliable? Can you turn things in on time? We don't mean to be picky, but a reliable and informative writer would be nice.

Drop a line to the music editor at paige.skinner@dallasobserver.com with some of your clips and your best pitch for why you think you can do it.

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