Flash 45s pushes into electrofunk territory.EXPAND
Flash 45s pushes into electrofunk territory.
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Dallas Observer Mixtape with Flash 45s: Electrofunk Mix

Dance music genres go in and out of popularity, and electrofunk is about to have its moment again. DJ Flash 45s is best known for spinning his vinyl 45s, but this week he takes a stab at electro. Today, the genre is most commonly associated with techno, but it has its roots in early '80s hip-hop, by way of acts such as Newcleus, Africa Bambaataa and Egyptian Lover. Flash 45's mix pays tribute to them without being obvious.

You are best known for your 45 collection. What made you decide to do an electro mix?
Sometimes I think electro doesn't get enough recognition or respect as it should. Let's not forget Dr. Dre was electro before becoming gangsta. He first got started with World Class Wreckin Cru, and they were mainly electro-hop, and Dre was mainly responsible for producing. An electro mix was overdue.

What is your history with electro?
Electro has been a genre I’ve been a fan of since the early '80s. I am an old-school vinyl collector. Electro artists like Cybotron, Kraftwerk, Model500, Egyptian Lover and West Coast techno-hop records have been in my collection for many years.

In the '80s, almost every kid in America was a breakdancer on some level. Were you a part of the B-boy culture?
Yes. Every day during my junior high years in California, I would breakdance. We would even breakdance at the grocery store. My friends and I formed a crew and called ourselves JamOnIt. I have great respect to all the B-boys and B-girls in DFW and around the globe.

Do you have a preference between old-school and new-school electro?
Tough call. Technology has advanced with new recording devices and synthesizers. The foundation is still old-school to me, but the new sounds make it better to the ears.

Where do you like to dig for tracks?
For digital tracks, I hit the usual online spots like Traxsource, Beatport and Juno. I grab a lot of my 45s from Juno. They have a deep selection of 45s that are often harder to find domestically.

Where do you dig for electro?
Anytime I'm digging for 45s, I keep an eye out for classic electro tunes. Most often at the usual places, such as Josey, Half Price Books, Good Records and Bill's.

Where was this mix recorded?
This was recorded in Serrate. I recorded this mix while I was home alone, but I don't think my neighbors enjoyed it very much.

What other music has been catching your ears lately?
I've been getting into more nudisco, afro house and even some cumbias like El Dusty. Mostly from checking out Sam Malone’s Uptown Boogie residency at Off the Record and Re-tide with Cut Rec Promos.

What has been your most significant musical experience of the past year?
I finally got a chance to go digging in Alabama, Mississippi and Florida. I found a goldmine of 45s. Well worth the trip just to go digging at places that are far less picked through and filled with records that are lot harder to find in our neck of the woods.

Are there any electro-techno producers or DJs who have caught your attention lately?
I am a longtime fan of the Detroit electro legends Aux 88.  Ill76 is a top-notch DJ and standout selector. He always grabs my attention when he plays, which is not often enough. I also like Maceo Plex and Alden Tyrell quite a lot.

What gigs do you have coming up?
My next gigs are for Kids Dig at Josey Records Saturday, Feb. 24. That is an event that is kind of a DJ expo, older DJs breaking down DJ culture for the kids, from playing to actually digging for them [records] and all those other vinyl habits that come along with that gig. I'm also playing the Realstreet Jams Bboy Jam March 9-10.

Track List:
1. Binalog Frequency — "Storm the Studio"
2. Blixaboy — "Audiotory Implant Codex"
3. Camisole — "Magikbitum"
4. OGB — "Frogs Sporn"
5. Delinquent Dialect — "Anuqi"
6. Galaxian — "Decoy"
7. Manasyt — "Daylight for 15sec"
8. Errorbeauty — "Zorgon"
9. Diamondback Kid — "Coma"
10. Reiner Mauch — "Electro Music"
11. Pal Secam Kids — "Kirschberg"
12. Datassette — "GUI Spew"

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