Dallas Observer Mixtape with Joe MxMind

Joe MxMind recently created a website where DJs can start their own radio stations.
Joe MxMind recently created a website where DJs can start their own radio stations. Lizard Lounge Photography

click to enlarge Joe MxMind recently created a website where DJs can start their own radio stations. - LIZARD LOUNGE PHOTOGRAPHY
Joe MxMind recently created a website where DJs can start their own radio stations.
Lizard Lounge Photography
For the last two decades, Joe MxMind has been active in all aspects of DFW DJ culture: behind the decks, in front of the decks, promoting other DJs on the decks and broadcasting DJs by way of his active sessions.fm online radio station. MxMind is driven by a deep appreciation for dance music and its unifying spirit. For this week's Mixtape and Q&A, MxMind discusses his journey and what drives him to keep making music.

Dallas Observer
: How did you get into deejaying?

Joe MxMind: It all started in 1997. I was doing house parties in Fort Worth with John Styles and Joey Skills. I decided to slowly build up my record collection by going to Latin One Stop between 23rd and 22nd streets. After a few parties, I was introduced to Luis “Like Dis” Mendoza, who invited me to KNON to play on the radio and gave me DJ lessons. I started doing guest mixes for various shows like "Trippin’ Tuesdays with Chuy the Intern" and "The Fun House Krew" on 89.3 FM.

I broke out on the scene when I met Mr. Cooley, Johnny Funk and Seth Lowery. They introduced me to the underground scene, and that’s what basically helped me start networking with other DJs, clubs and promoters.

I worked with Mr. Cooley, Johnny Funk and Seth Lowery in Studio 7, The Loft and The Basement and quickly fell in love with the scene. They basically allowed me to be free and express myself to a bigger audience. I later worked at other infamous after-hours clubs like The Fallout Warehouse and Afterlife.

Because of this my career elevated to where I am now, able to work with artists worldwide. The underground scene allowed me to adapt to any music environment I'm in. I send my deepest gratitude to everyone who helped me grow. The list is so huge.

How did you get involved with Afterlife?
After Fallout closed, I was introduced to the owner of the club, Mark Annis. This is where I started helping him do event coordinating. I managed the bookings, which allowed me to help so many DJs. Afterlife introduced so many of us DJs to the electronic dance community. It was a club where you could play whatever you wanted. We were open to all genres of music. It makes me smile every time I think of it. I can’t fathom the words that I want to express, but I want to send my deepest gratitude to all the agencies and to all the DJs that worked with me.

Are you still in touch with a lot of DJs who were regulars at Afterlife?

Tell me about activesessions.fm.
I started Activesessions.fm LLC about six months ago. I began the process by brainstorming ideas with close friends about starting my own business. Our mission is to bring the electronic dance music community together by connecting music fans, DJs and producers. It's an online radio station network for electronic music lovers. It allows any DJ to start their own radio show, where they can express themselves to a large audience and have an opportunity to share their passion for music worldwide.

Activesessions.fm does just that; we have local and worldwide DJ residents with diverse music on the shows on www.activesessions.fm. For shows and events here in Dallas, we were recently able to bring in artists such as Donald Glaude, Christina Sky and Sandra Collins. Make sure to check out the events section on our company website for more information.

How was this mix made? Was there anything in particular that inspired you?
This mix was made in my studio. I used 2 CDJs and a mixer. This is a progressive house mix, and I’m a big fan of mixing in key. There’s no certain theme, but most of these tracks are ones I’ve recently purchased or promos from some of the record labels. I wanted to share a mix that represents me, and I really wanted the listeners to experience the progression of my mix but, most of all, what you could expect from me at a show.

Where do you dig for music?
I go to beatport.com for convenience, but I get exclusives from a lot of record labels. Record labels send me new music to demo in a majority of my gigs or events.

What was your most significant musical experience of the past year?
If I had to pick one, it would be starting activesessions.fm. We are currently getting support from 58 countries, and I get emails from so many people from all around the world who really enjoy the DJs/station. It’s amazing to see all the countries that tune in to listen to the shows.

Is there a track that you always come back to as a DJ?
I had to think about it for a minute, but I don't have one specific track that I always come back to. I come back to old albums like Tranceport by Paul Oakenfold, ATB CDs and old, happy, hardcore mixes. I love it all.

What gigs do you have coming up?
I’m currently spinning at the activesessions.fm events. I took a break for almost two years from DJing, but I am ready to play out again. You can book me at [email protected]

Stan Kolev and Matan Caspi – "Revive (Original Mix)"
Mononoid – "Two Types Of Tin (Original Mix)"
Ziger – "Substance (Original Mix)"
Sonic Future – "Itinerant (Original Mix)"
Chris Cargo – "Quantum (Original Mix)"
Michael A – "Hope (Dmitry Molosh Remix)"
Chicola – "The Night We Call It the Day (Original Mix)"
Cristoph – "The Upside Down (Original Mix)"
Khen – "Land Of Goshen (Patrice Baumel Remix)"
Baunder – "For A While (Original Mix)"
Jackie Mayden – "Raver Crystals (Kastis Torrau Remix)"
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