Dallas' Own Dorrough Is Walking The Chart Walk.

Looks like Dallas rapper Dorrough is making a name for himself on the national level.

This week, Dorrough's "Ice Cream Paint Job" reached the No. 32 spot on Billboard's Rhythmic Radio chart, as well as No. 54 on the iTunes hip-hop sales chart (the mega-retailer is vending upwards of 5,000 copies of the track per week). Meanwhile, his other single, "Walk The Walk", is also moving its way up the music charts: The tune is currently No. 37 on Billboard's Urban Radio chart, and has nearly 2.5 million on the rapper's MySpace page.

The tracks are simple enough in theme. "Walk The Walk", simply enough, speaks of women who "walk the walk"-- the one that no dude in his right mind can look away from. And, in "Ice Cream Paint Job", Dorrough tells listeners of his tricked-out, flashy ride, boasting that "it's cream on the inside, clean on the outside."

His catchy hip hop tunes have turned him into a local music celeb: In December, fellow-local rapper Lil Wil (famous for his own hit singles, "My Dougie" and "Bust It Open") told us that "Walk That Walk" was one of his favorite songs of 2008. Oh, how the general public is always late to the party...

Dorrough is currently signed to E1 Music and is recording his debut album, which is scheduled for release this July. Looks like the D-Town Boogie sound isn't fading any time soon...

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.