Daniel Johnston is Coming to the Kessler

Daniel Johnston will play in Dallas on September 28 at the Kessler Theater. The announcement came over the weekend, alongside several other good ones at Oak Cliff's finest music venue. But let's focus on Daniel Johnston, because it's going to be wonderful.

Johnston was born in California and raised in West Virginia. While living in Austin, he launched a music career that followed basically none of the conventional standards. He handed out his tapes in the streets. His music is simple and strange, welcoming and insane, just like his drawings. Talented musicians with more conventional aspirations routinely describe him as an original, a genius. There was a documentary.

Of his 30 or so tapes, about half have been formally released. He continues to make music -- his most recent album is 2010's Beam Me Up!.

Tickets for the Dallas show are $17.50 to $25 and on sale now.

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