Dan's Silverleaf to Officially Become Denton's First Non-Smoking Venue Later This Month

For a few years now, venerable Denton venue Dan's Silverleaf has adopted a policy of not allowing cigarette smoking inside its venues during shows. Later this month, the venue plans on making its no-smoking policy a permanent fixture of the room.

According to a press release announcing the change, "Dan's will be the first venue in Denton to enact a non-smoking policy within its walls, hoping that this change in environment will provide patrons, staff and musicians with a better atmosphere and experience."

Considering the fact that the venue will still allow smoking on its back patio, just as it did even during its non-smoking shows, the difference probably won't feel all that significant. Still considering the amount of smoke that lingers in other Denton rooms during performances, it's an important change, and one that the venue is referring to as its "own clean air act."

The new no-smoking policy goes into effect on Thursday, October 20.

On Wednesday, October 19, the venue will host its final event allowing cigarette smoking inside, called the "Kiss Your Ash Goodbye Party." The free-to-attend event will feature a DJ set from Wild in the Streets, a performance from The Funsteppers and, one imagines, a fair amount of sheepish requests to "bum a smoke, if you don't mind."

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