Write for DC9 at Night and these folks could be cheering for you!
Write for DC9 at Night and these folks could be cheering for you!
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DC9 at Night Now Hiring Freelance Writers

If there's any one thing that makes for a healthy music scene, it's a diversity of voices. That could mean different styles, different priorities, or just plain different experiences of the world. The important thing is that those voices be encouraged to come into conversation with one another. Well, the same goes for those write about music or, in the case of DC9 at Night, have a blog devoted to it.

In that spirit, we here at DC9 are looking to bring more voices into the fold. Maybe you love writing but have never given it a chance. Maybe you're already an established critic. Or maybe you're at shows all the time already and figure you know better than we do. Regardless, we want to have you on board.

Ideal candidates should have:

-- A good working knowledge of the Dallas-Fort Worth and North Texas music community

-- Strong opinions about the music they listen to and a willingness to share and articulate them

-- An eagerness to report on and learn more about bands and genres outside of their comfort zone, especially ones outside of typical indie rock and mainstream coverage

-- The ability to generate story ideas, including more conceptual and outside-the-box pieces that go beyond standard show reviews and previews

-- Some experience interviewing bands and reviewing shows, although exceptions can be made

-- An adherence to deadlines and ability to meet them on often-overnight timeframes

Does that sound like you? You bet it does. Interested candidates should send a cover letter and writing samples to our music editor, Jeff Gage, at jeff.gage@dallasobserver.com.


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