DC9er Mixtape, Vol. 31: DJ Five Easy Pieces' Winter Mix

A few months ago I was approached by Denton-based DJ Five Easy Pieces about doing a winter mix for the blog.

And, well, when's a more wintery time to post a winter mix than on Christmas Eve? OK, maybe the winter Solstice. But, hey, that fell on a Tuesday and, as everyone knows, DC9er comes on Fridays.

Anyway, this 30-minute mix is comprised of an assortment of genres, some of which are steeped in a murky, convoluted film, while others are crisp and just plain dancy. And, together, we think the tracks make for an interesting listen.

So, kick back, turn the yule log on, hit the jump and relax to Five Easy Pieces' winter mix, made exclusively for you.

James Blake - Limit to Your Love
Lil' B - I'm God
James Blake - I Only Know(What I know now)
Ecstasy - Jam City Refix
Jamie XX - Far Nearer
Steve Reich - 2 x 5 (popdrone remix)
Eli Escobar (ft. Amanda Blank) - Love Thing Pt. 3
Four Tet - Angel Echoes
Aphex Twin - Xtal
Hard Mix - Memories
Kid Sister - Right Hand Hi
Jamie Woon - Night Air
Eli Escobar - Oslo

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Catherine Downes
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