DCTA's Friday Night Service Is Back On

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Last month, we wrote about the Denton Country Transit Authority implementing changes to its A-Train light rail service, which connects downtown Denton to the DART Green Line in Carrollton. One of the higher profile changes approved by the DCTA board involved killing Friday night service altogether, leaving no transit option for those wanting to ride from Dallas to Denton, or vice versa, and enjoy the nightlife options.

Many on the DCTA board wanted to revisit the vote almost immediately. Bill Walker, in particular, wanted the issue reopened in light of the board being short a couple of members for the previous vote. According to Dee Leggett, DCTA's VP of Communication and Planning, any board member who voted against a measure can request reconsideration.

"The DCTA board had a spirited debate about the issue... the supporters of the measure felt that the system needed some time to mature and that staff's recommendation should be upheld," she said. "They wanted to see the service tweaked before completely eliminated."

Yesterday afternoon, with all members present, Friday night service was reinstated. The schedule still isn't perfect, but at least expanded and more meaningful service will be supported in the future.

"We understand that there is a strong push for later service," Leggett says. "At the same time, we have other needs that we have to balance. We will continue to work to improve our services with another series of changes in January."

In the meantime, Denton county residents have a chance to show the DCTA board that expanded rail service is justified. "Ride DCTA," Leggett urges. "If the revisions prove successful then additional service will be considered."

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Andy Odom