Her friends call her Boss Bitch.EXPAND
Her friends call her Boss Bitch.
Dustin Schneider

Jessie Frye Is Releasing Her New Music On Her Own Label, Boss Bitch

New music is on the horizon for Denton-based singer-songwriter Jessie Frye. On July 10, she announced she was ready to get back to the studio and work on her next EP, which is to be funded through a PledgeMusic campaign. Fewer than 20 days left until her deadline, Frye is almost one-fourth away from reaching her goal.

As with her previous albums — 2014’s Obsidian and 2015’s Boys’ Club — Frye is raising money for the album through crowdfunding. In exchange for donations, she’s offering clothes she wore on music videos, lyric sheets, signed merchandise and even house concert performances, along with exclusive updates on the new EP. Frye says this campaign should help her finish the album by early next year.

“Each album I have released was made possible because of crowdfunding,” she says via email. “It felt right launching another campaign. Offering behind-the-scenes access and exclusives to fans that directly support my music is such a great feeling. The new album will have hints of retro/synth wave with a Jessie Frye twist, along with pop and just the right amount of grit. I am aiming for an early 2019 release, just after the New Year.”

Recently, Frye released the retro wave single “Faded Memory” in collaboration with synth wave act Timecop1983, which might be the root of this new musical direction. She released a music video for the song that shows her dancing on top of a Fort Worth bridge above cars going 60 mph. Frye says this collaborative experience has made her feel the music stronger than before.

“I am so happy with how 'Faded Memory' was received,” she says. “I feel like the retro wave audience have wrapped their arms around me. I was overwhelmed with joy at how many people that song has reached. Working with Timecop1983 was nothing short of an honor. He is the nicest person. We have discussed doing another collaboration together when the time is right. The beautiful thing about that song is that I thought less about it, and felt it more. I didn't beat myself up when I was writing the melody and lyrics. I really connected to Timecop1983's beat and trusted my heart. I think I will be letting go more and focusing on capturing my heart for my fans.”

It is yet unknown whether the single will be included on Frye’s upcoming EP. What is known is that the yet-unnamed album will be released on her own label, Boss Bitch Records, which Frye founded in early 2018. Its name stems from a beer she helped name, which, in turn, became a nickname for her.

“Back in 2016 I collaborated with Noble Rey Brewing on a beer that represented me and my music,” Frye says. “We named the beer Boss Bitch. The beer was a huge success, and looking back it was such a great time in my life. After that, the nickname Boss Bitch kind of stuck, and I was called that by friends and fans. To me, the name represents lots of things. It's reclaiming the word ‘bitch’ and turning it into something positive, powerful and fun. Women often get called a bitch when they are just being a smart business woman. I chose the name for the label so that other people, especially women, can feel empowered to call the shots on their lives.”

Boss Bitch originated as a result of Frye’s ongoing ambition to come up with new ideas. While she gives due credit to people who helped shape her career, she also credits herself for constantly working on her plans to make them happen.

“I am always thinking about new music video concepts, a new merch idea, or the next song,” Frye says. “This time it was a record label. Why? Honestly, I can't say for sure. Perhaps it speaks for itself. While no doubt I have had help from many amazing people in my career, when I look back on all my struggles or huge steps, it was always the fire under my ass that pulled me up when I was weak. It was always my stubborn drive that sent that one email out that ended up sparking a new opportunity. The music industry is changing constantly. The one thing that should never change is your work ethic and artistic integrity. Starting a small label felt like my way of saying that.”

Although she’s currently only releasing her music through the label, Frye hopes to potentially expand Boss Bitch through other bands and events later on.

“As of right now, this is just a platform that I will be releasing my music from,” she says. “I'd definitely be interested in working with other bands at some point, regardless of genre. I can see us focusing on pop/rock and helping give a voice to local artists and beyond. I also hope to host showcases and events in the future.”

One goal she has in mind is turning Boss Bitch into an environment that specializes in a unique feeling, similar to what New Retro Wave Records has done with the synth-powered retro genre.

“My goal is to create a brand of Boss Bitch,” she explains. “Bands, merchandise, and a personality that fans can relate to. Having a platform that an audience can turn to for a specific type of content is really awesome. New Retro Wave Records is really great at that. Right now I am focusing on growing things slowly.”

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