Jessie Frye and Timecop1983's New Single, 'Faded Memory,' Merges Ambient Electronica and '80s New Wave

Singer-songwriter Jessie Frye continues to cultivate the synthwave pop side of her diverse skill set. On Friday, she released the video for her latest single, “Faded Memory,” produced by Timecop1983. “Faded Memory” is akin to one of Frye’s most successful singles, “Honey.” In many ways, the songs are two sides of the same coin.

“Honey” is provocative and unapologetically lustful. It speaks to the initial untamed passion and energy between two people when they first become involved. “Faded Memory” illustrates sustained love and the subsequent loss of it. The narrative of “Faded Memory” describes residual bliss that people feel after breakups when resentment subsides.

The song possesses a euphoric melody laced with Frye’s engaging lyrics that are simplistic yet profound. “Faded Memory” merges elements of ambient electronica with vintage 1980s new wave, which creates a mood that’s nostalgic without coming off as contrived.

Frye is a self-described “big fan” of Timecop1983. Her approach toward facilitating their collaboration was proactive.

“I have been wanting to get more involved in doing vocal features with artists,” Frye says. “I sent Jordy [Timecop1983’s real name] an email pitching myself and linked him to the 'Honey' music video. He responded and said he’d love to have me sing on one of his tracks and would send one over when the time was right. I had to read the email nearly three times before I could believe my eyes.”

Frye recorded “Faded Memory” with Matt Aslanian at his studio in Carrollton.

“Matt is my producer — he’s basically the other half of Jessie Frye," Frye says. "He recorded the vocals and did some touchups on the final mix. Matt adds this magic touch to everything he does."

Constructing the finished product was somewhat of a challenge for Frye because it’s a retro synth track, which she’s not accustomed to making.

“I knew I had to approach writing the song a little differently," she says. "I felt challenged but in a good way. A collaboration means reaching for parts of yourself you don’t normally access so you can make the song come to life. The breathy ‘ah, ah, ah’ in the chorus is what I started with. I sat in my bed, closed my eyes, and that’s what came out first. Melodically, I worked around that.

"I was into this boy for a minute, but I didn’t want to write about it. Instead of fighting it, I used this as an opportunity to feel vulnerable. I guess I felt like a character writing about this person instead of Jessie writing about them.”

Frye came up with the video concept for “Faded Memory,” which Cameron J. Smith directed and it was filmed on location in Fort Worth.

“I wanted to shoot a really simple video for 'Faded Memory,'" Frye says. "'Honey' was such a massive production, which I am super proud of, but I felt like 'Faded Memory' needed a certain softness and innocent quality to it. I wanted to create a video where the audience felt like it was just me connecting with them, no pretenses."

Frye is focused on promoting “Faded Memory” and booking shows for the summer. She will soon begin recording new music and visuals for a new EP scheduled to be released in the fall. “Faded Memory” is available on Spotify, and the video can be seen on Jessie Frye’s YouTube channel.

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