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Dezi 5 Returns Home for Deep Pride Show

See Dezi 5 at Ruins tonight.
See Dezi 5 at Ruins tonight. Jason Janik

Dezi 5, one of Dallas' most beloved performers, is back in town this weekend. He performs Friday night during the Deep Pride show at the Ruins in Deep Ellum.

While in New York, Dezi 5 has been displaying his energetic brand of stage performance throughout the five boroughs. He released an EP aptly titled Club Kids on Thursday. The collection of songs Dezi 5 created for this project are dedicated to house music, club culture, late nights and nonstop movement on the dance floor.

“This EP is fun and unapologetic," he says. "I just want people to live their best life. Also I want everyone to support Bushwig [New York’s drag and queer performance festival] and any cause that helps promote safe sex and freedom of speech. Not everybody wants to get married, not everyone wants to be conventional. Some of us like to create our nights."

Club Kids features production from Brad Dale of Ishi, JT from Cure for Paranoia, Andrew Dietch and Forrest Brooks. Creating a house-inspired project has been on Dezi 5’s mind, and his move to New York played a part.

“It was something I always wanted to do, but living in New York totally inspired me to put it out,” he says. “The EP was recorded throughout the past few years. I released it in celebration of the Stonewall Riots; I released these joints for pride.”

Dezi 5 plans on creating a memorable live experience at the Ruins, and he’s ready to reconnect with fans in his hometown.

“It always feels great to be back in town," he says. "I love Dallas so much. I’m going to perform ‘Dallas, Bitch,' music from the EP and much more. I wanted everyone to crucify themselves."

Catch Dezi 5 at Ruins, 2653 Commerce St., at 9 p.m.
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