DFW Startup SongVote Aims To Create Social Playlists For Parties Or Weddings. Or Whatever.

As the web moves towards more and more of a social experience, there are more and more demands to have a truly interactive social lifestyle. And SongVote, a Feburary-launched DFW-based social playlist website, aims to meet the demand of building collaborative playlists for weddings, parties, concerts, etc.

We recently caught up SongVote.com CMO James Fontana had a chat with us insight into his site, which he was inspired to create some five years ago while hanging out with some friends.

"We would argue about whose iPod to play," Fontana says. "Then, one day, we thought it would be great if we could build a playlist together."

After these simple beginnings, the Fontana collaborated with Thom, a Stanford graduate programmer, to help build his site. They expanded the initial idea and introduced other features.

"We're looking at integrating with bands to help crowd sourcing with setlists," says Fontana. And that could prove to be interesting too, as bands could get fans to vote for the set-list before the show and would provide for a truly unique experience at each show that app.

And, for parties and weddings?

"We're working to allow SongVote to be on people's wedding sites," Fontana says, "which would allow for people to vote for songs during the wedding that could be given to the DJ."

It sounds like the democracy of social networking taking down the dictatorship that is a corner room DJ. Great idea for parties, for sure.

And to further intergrate a social experience, SongVote will soon have an iPhone/Android app -- meaning "people in the same room can work together to make a playlist with permission." It's a bit like iTunes DJ, but with a lot more web-based integration -- which is good because it can be compatible with most devices.

All this work hasn't come unnoticed. SongVote.Com recently was a trending topic on Twitter and has been featured on Mashable and CNET.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.