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DJ Sober and PicnicTyme Are Booty Fade, Dallas' Newest Party Starters

"BOOOOOO-TY FADE! BOOOOOO-TY FADE!" chants a mob of people in snapback caps, cardigans and cowboy boots. The Dallas-based DJ duo of Sober and PicnicTyme are just getting started under the tent at Thin Line Film and Music Festival's main stage. And then a speaker blows out.

"Sorry for those technical difficulties, but y'all need to know I'm not playin' no mo'," Picnic yells. He runs to center stage from behind his MacBook. "Like I said before, this is my dude Sober, I'm PicnicTyme, this is Booty Fade, and you're about to put your damn hands up ... NOW!" It's enough time for the sound man to recover, and within milliseconds the crowd erupts, showered by a synchronized rainbow of pulsating lights, triple-time hi-hats and bass-heavy mixes of everything from trap music to EDM to mariachi.

Booty Fade is more than a DJ and production duo. Since debuting a year ago, the pair has played SXSW and nabbed a Dallas Observer music award for best song. Now they're preparing for the March 4 release of their self-titled EP. But it's more than shows and songs. Picnic and Sober are trying to create something bigger than that, something they describe in summary as "The Booty Fade Situation."

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Shawn Gadley
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