Dom Kennedy - Trees - 12/8/12

Dom Kennedy, Raw Elementz Trees Saturday, December 8

On Saturday, Dom Kennedy saved the best for last. On the final date of his Yellow Album tour, he sold out Trees, making him the third West Coast rap act in three months to sell out a Dallas date. Not only was it another great night for the new West on the Third Coast, it was one of the biggest milestones in bookers Scoremore's career, selling out three Texas shows in one night (along with Odd Future in San Antonio and Tritonal in Austin).

As I arrived to an already packed house, I quickly made my way to the front for local opener Raw Elementz. Back in early October, the young Dallas emcee called us out for not including him in the Five Must-Have Dallas Mixtapes post. After watching this set, I see why. Since the release of his Flydayz EP this summer, he's really stepped his game up, and he knows it. With impressive wordplay and strong crowd interaction, Raw Elementz gave an energetic and engaging performance. Keep an eye out for two forthcoming projects, his Vintage Bars mixtape (out next week) and It Feels Good Outside LP, due in January.

I was critical of the last Scoremore show I reviewed. Whatever snags and delays they had three weeks ago, however, were non-existent this weekend. With the exception of a small fight breaking out, which hyped the crowd up more than anything, Saturday night seemed to go off without a hitch. After a great warm up set from one of the city's finest, DJ Q, the man of the hour took the stage in a Texas Rangers shirt. The L.A. emcee started off strong to a roaring crowd, performing some of his biggest hits at the top of the set ("Honeys & Money," "My Type of Party" and thick girl anthem "Girls on Stage"), then he checked-off fan favorites from this year's Yellow Album and past mixtapes, standing in front of the color-blocked flag of his independent OPM label.

The highlight of his set came when he invited a female fan on stage to be serenaded to his slick and seductive cut "The Ways." Her dance moves were so on point, Kennedy could have shot the official video for the track right there, and it wasn't long before she ended up in his lap. Before she returned to the crowd, she dropped her Twitter handle on the mic (was anyone able to find her?) and was actually slightly booed by the crowd. If you're reading this, go ahead girl, you did your thing. Don't let the haters block your shine. If I'd been in your position, I definitely could have compromised my journalistic integrity with the handsome young rhymer.

Before closing out the night with his 2008 calling card, "Watermelon Sundae," Dom Kennedy reinforced Dallas' steadfast support of the new West resurgence in hip-hop. Like almost every California rapper to come through Dallas this season, he valiantly reminded the audience to go buy Kendrick Lamar's major label debut in stores. Though the crowd spanned multiple age demographics, you couldn't help but feel an air of youthfulness when Dom compelled the young crowd to throw their hands up.

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