DOMAXXII: Relive The Experience With Some New Footage of The Cool Kids, Jonathan Tyler & The Northern Lights and The Secret Machines.

Only a month later, we're finally wrapping up the joy and wonder that was DOMAXXII. We all had a blast this year--with several fun new additions like the award ceremony's on-stage mash-ups and the first-ever, incredibly hot, outdoor stage, presented by Bud Light.

Our friends at Expat Films went toe-to-toe with the heat and managed to provide some excellent footage of the four outdoor acts for your viewing pleasure. And we've have used their footgae to make a few music videos for the DC9 faithful to enjoy.

Relive the DOMA XXII festivities from the comfort of your own air-conditioned home after the jump.

The Cool Kids "I'm Mikey"

Jonathan Tyler & The Northern Lights "Gypsy Woman"

The Secret Machines "Dreaming of Dreaming"

Still wanting more? Well, our own Patrick Michels did some camerawork as well while watching Lucero, and posted this video of "Sweet Little Thing" quickly after the showcase. Check it.

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