Eisley, Radiant*

For now, it's easy enough to judge these two bands by their past deeds: two whimsical, wonderful EPs (Laughing City and Marvelous Things) for Eisley, and one seven-song set (The Sound of Splitting Atoms) by Radiant* that's more than the sum of its Coldplay-ful parts. Which, it should be noted, is the exact same résumé the dynamic duo had at this time last year, when they played...together...on New Year's Eve...at Trees. So while it would be easy enough to cut and paste and cut out early for some holiday cheer, there's a twist: Eisley and Radiant* both have finished full-lengths in the can, and if the response to those albums is as good as they deserve, you won't be able to see this tag-team on such a small stage next time around. Eisley's Room Sounds benefits from a year on the road and another year in the studio with such producing vets as Rob Schnapf (Beck, Elliott Smith), John Shanks (Michelle Branch--hey, don't sweat it) and Rob Cavallo (Green Day). It's a grown-up record that doesn't force the young band to actually grow up too much, if you know what I mean. Radiant*'s as-yet-untitled (or as-yet-untold-to-me) new joint showcases the quartet's ever-growing talent, as well as their ever-growing comfort with the studio, aided and abetted by local should-be legend Paul Williams. Again, don't miss 'em this time, because parking at Nokia Live is a beeyatch.
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Zac Crain
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