Eric Hisaw

"One speaker keeps going out on the stereo, but the music still sounds great," sings Eric Hisaw on "Maybe the Devil," the song that launches 2002's Never Could Walk the Line with the primal musician myth of trading one's soul to Satan for talent. Hisaw makes the reverse swap perhaps; his music follows the noble path forged by Bruce the Boss and Johnny the Cougar of redemptive proletarian tales. Within Hisaw's Pabst Blue Ribbon roots rock one can hear winning promise, sincerity and commitment ringing throughout. He has the form down, and his content is melodically tasty and lyrically nutritious. But like that stereo speaker, there's a frequent short between Hisaw and the place where he finds something all his own. Yet he still sounds great, and it's not hard to imagine Hisaw in a "Bull Durham tale" where this minor-leaguer someday steps up to the major-league plate and hits one out of the park.
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