Erykah Badu, Matthew and The Arrogant Sea Songs Leak Over The Weekend. Go Get 'em.

Can't imagine that Erykah Badu and Matthew Gray (of Matthew and The Arrogant Sea) really have all that much in common--well, aside from the fact that they're both from the region, they've both more-likely-than-not dabbled in mind-altering substances and they've both had the dubious honor of meeting yours truly (surely it wasn't the other way around?)--but this weekend, sure enough, the stars aligned, bringing these two together.

Sort of.

See, both Badu, who has a new album en route on March 30, and MATAS, which has a record called You Can't Tame A Wild Rabbit on the way at, well, some point in the future, saw songs from their upcoming releases leak this weekend.

Badu went ahead and leaked the song "Window Seat" on her Twitter account over the weekend (download it here). Featuring Badu backed by members of The Roots--?uestlove (on drums, duh) and James Poyser (on keys--and he also co-produced the track with Badu)--the song, the second on New Amerykah Pt. 2: Return of the Ankh, is kind of a slow jam. And, that's OK--it's a fine respite from New Amerykah Pt. 1's sonic freakout. Keep an eye out for a video promoting the song on Badu's Web site at around 3:33 p.m. tomorrow afternoon, which coincidentally, is the same day the song will be released to radio stations as one of New Amerykah Pt. 2's lead singles.

Gray, meanwhile, kind of leaked his new song himself, too. Well, by proxy: He did so via NX35's Web site, the festival which Gray has been helping promote and book. The song, called "Jack Russel Kilt" is pretty similar to his band's Family Family Family Meets The Magic Christian fare--spacey, folky, a little psychedelic, out-there lyrics, the whole lot. An obvious difference? Like The Strange Boys, MATAS has gone and added some horns into the mix. Says Gray of his band's new album in the song leak's accompanying post: "It's the most ambitious thing we've done." Also: "I don't want to say it's a departure from our sound, but there's a lot of growth with this album." Looking forward to hearing that, too, then.

Now go get to downloading.

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Pete Freedman
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