First Look: Nervous Curtains' Video for "Moody Photos"

The party video's been done to death, yes? Don't even get me started on this phenomenon.

Finally, a band has made a video depicting what it's like to be at a real party. "Moody Photos," a single from Dallas synth group Nervous Curtains' upcoming sophomore album, Fake Infinity, paints that awkward picture in dark strokes. Frontman Sean Kirkpatrick explains:

"You stand around the kitchen trying to make conversation. Everyone wants to be the DJ and fights over the music. You wind up with one person dancing to some metal record that no one else wants to hear. Somebody stares blankly at abstract video art that's playing on the TV. Somebody sneaks off to partake in anti-social non-recreational drug use. Others drink, text, flip through magazines and shift uncomfortably. Finally, you try to sneak out without having to say goodbye or tell anyone that you're leaving."

It's like he's been to every party I've ever thrown! Fake Infinity comes out February 21. Check out the scene below.

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