Fishboy, Cavedweller and The Skin Trade

Some people will never appreciate Charlie Chaplin turning two dinner rolls into dancing feet in Gold Rush. Others will never laugh at John Cleese's "The Ministry of Silly Walks." And, sadly, some will never give due credit to Fishboy and his band of merry men, including the kazoo- and horns-playing sideman called, simply, Sweatpants. There are those who will never realize that being silly is a real skill, something equal to Serious Art. Fishboy is both the nickname of Eric Michener and Michener's live band, which rounds out Michener's earnest and earnestly quirky ditties such as "Aye Aye Sucka Sucka" and "Onomatopoeia," which includes the lyrics, "I dig you like a shovel and not a broom." Smart, but goofy. Fun, but adept. An anomaly not recommended for those who can't see the glory of songs featuring beatbox, sing-a-longs and the kickoff of "uno, dos, tres, four!"
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Shannon Sutlief