Five Free Country Shows You Should See In August

The tragic beauty of local music is that even though it is often better than what is commercially available, the market has not yet realized its worth. That means that you're often able to hear incredible acts for dirt-cheap, even free. The city's country bars do a pretty good job of booking free shows for fans that don't have the cash for top-tier tours, and they're a great way to keep your thumb on what's going on in the local scene.

If you find yourself without plans on any of these dates in August, take your empty pockets and listen to some excellent live music. Even if the bands suck, there's still probably going to be beer, and you can't complain about the music if you didn't have to pay for it.

The Venetian Sailors 8/1, Adair's Saloon

The Venetian Sailors' colorful country/southern rock/blues hybrid is easy listening, even if their shows are a little more high energy than laid back. Tonight at Adair's, you can listen to the band in their natural element for free starting at 10:30 pm. You might be skeptical of a xylophone on a country music stage, but you'll be in love before the night is over.

Abbi Walker 8/6, Concrete Cowboy

Abbi Walker plays weekly at Concrete Cowboy, but that doesn't mean that she isn't worth checking out on August 6. If you aren't familiar with her sassy, soul-driven country sound, you soon will be. After her single "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang," performed well on the charts, Walker has been opening up for country legends like Jack Ingram, so you may well miss out on your opportunity to see her on the cheap soon.

Foxtrot Uniform 8/9, The Lot

This local band has some serious starpower in the line-up. Kenny Uptain and Kelly Test, formerly of Cooder Graw and The Polyphonic Spree, claim that they were thrown out of country bands, but they brought along plenty of that influence into that project. You can't consider Foxtrot Uniform strictly a country band - they're not - but country fans will find plenty to love in their sound.

The O's 8/15, The Rustic

Everyone's favorite local country band, The O's, is always great live, and even better when it's free. The O's will be stopping by The Rustic after several dates in Colorado, so it's important that country fans keep a presence at their shows to show this local gem that we want them to stick around. Besides, who wouldn't want to party in the moonlight with a soundtrack like this?

William Clark Green 8/30, The Rustic

William Clark Green's latest release "Rose Queen" currently sits at the number one position on the Texas country charts, so it's somewhat surprising that he's playing a free set at Pat's Backyard. If you're a fan of well-sung country tunes with a little more than a little rock influence, you shouldn't miss out on this intimate set from an artist that appears to be destined for greatness.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.