Forever The Sickest Kids Release Album Teaser For New, Self-Titled Album

Seems some changes are in store for local mall punk heroes Forever The Sickest Kids, who have a new, self-titled record coming out on March 1, their third for Universal Motown and their second full-length in total.

Mainly, like other some other, notable mall-punkers before them, it seems that the band is trying to distance themselves from the supremely poppy sound on which they made their name. Well, maybe not entirely. FTSK, which, aside from maybe similar outfits Red Car Wire and Artist Vs. Poet, has always come off as the poppiest of the bands on this front, and, no, it's not as if the band appears to be completely deviating from its pop roots. They're just taking it in a somewhat harder and more musical -- and yet somehow also '80s hair metal-influenced -- direction. Or so it would appear from the few peeks the band has so far afforded its listeners into the new disc. The first 90 seconds of FTSK's new song "Keep On Bringing Me Down" are currently streaming on the band's web site, and showcase a sort of early '80s Bon Jovi appeal.

Meanwhile, the band has also just released a video teaser for the album -- one that features the band in a rehearsal space, performing another new track that utilizes violins and actual piano (!) in its arrangement. Check out the new clip after the jump.

While watching, note that keyboard player Kent Garrison is no longer in the band. Then scratch your heads and start wondering aloud if you think you might actually be interested in hearing this new disc, as we kind of are right now.

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Pete Freedman
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