Former Denton Resident Corn Mo Releases New EP, Playing Bonnaroo, Then Releasing LP. (Phew.)

It would seem that one of our own is doing quite well on the national scene.

Jon Cunningham, aka Corn Mo, and his band, .357 Lover, are about to release their second EP, followed by a full-length effort coming in August. That full-length will be called Diorama of the Golden Lion.

.357 Lover played this past weekend in Los Angeles and is scheduled to play in New York City on June 18th. Between the two dates, though, Corn Mo will play the Bonnaroo Festival with Valley Lodge, the backing band for Triumph the Insult Comic Dog. Seems as appropriate a pairing as any, especially considering that the music of Corn Mo has as much to do with stand-up comedy and performance art as regular rock 'n' roll.

Those who remember Corn Mo's lengthy residency in North Texas can attest to his peculiar talents. Now living in Brooklyn, Mo has continued his idiosyncrasy on a grander scale.

It would also appear that Mr. Mo has put on a few pounds since his days playing the Gypsy Tearoom. But why begrudge a man some girth when his career is on the upswing?

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