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Fort Worth's Saint Marie Records Opens Up Shop With Two Swedish Releases

Saint Marie Records, the newest record label in town, launched its website just two days ago.

But, rather than stacking the artist roster with local acts, Wyatt Parkins, the man behind the label, has chosen to take a different approach entirely. The first two releases on Saint Marie Records are from Swedish artists Patrik Torsson and Niels Nielsen.

"I kind of got bored with the local scene years ago," says Parkins, a graphic designer who has had on-and-off involvement with local music for over a decade.

Before he moved to Dallas from East Texas some 10 years ago, he was already a fan of Tripping Daisy. So, when he arrived, he quickly fell in with Tim DeLaughter, Chris Penn and Carlos Jackson, who were working on opening Good Records. Before long, Parkins found himself designing and maintaining the websites of Tripping Daisy, The Polyphonic Spree, and other Good Records Recordings Artists. But when his day job became more involved, he couldn't keep up with the Good Records workload.

Yet, as his work for Good Records finished, he continued immersing himself in underground music, which led to a dialogue with established Swedish artist Patrik Torsson.


When Parkins learned that Torsson was looking for a way to release his newest record, rather than following his initial instinct to help put him in touch with an established label, Parkins jumped at the chance to put out Torsson's mellow and dark At The Line Of The Border.

"The time line for being able to do this is short," says Parkins, qualifying his impulse.

After a year or so of ironing out the details, Saint Marie Records is now selling physical copies and downloads of Torsson's record, as well as one from Swedish shoegaze act Niels Nielsen called Welcome To The Promising Land of Hi5ers and Hopeless People. Both albums can be purchased on Saint Marie's website.

Though Parkins is just getting his feet wet in the music industry, he says he has big plans for the label. He eventually wants to release shoegaze records exclusively through the label. But, first, he wants to see what happens with these initial two records.

He doesn't seem like he's in a big hurry, though.

"[Shoegaze] is back," he says, "and it doesn't seem like it's going anywhere anytime soon."

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