Fun Fun Fun Fest Add Modest Mouse and Murder City Devils to Lineup

Last week was a bad week for anyone who loves Death Grips. The band's break-up announcement was at once a surprise and not a surprise, given the band's history of no-showing its own concerts. (Granted, fans of Death Grips probably also like getting stood up, so who knows, their demise could be just what everyone secretly wanted.)

But it created some real-world complications for people too: both Nine Inch Nails and Fun Fun Fun Fest were left hanging on Death Grips' scheduled upcoming visits to Texas, and neither were too happy about it.

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For Fun Fun Fun, the music festival taking place in Austin this November, the problem was compounded when Death Cab for Cutie had to cancel, "due to unforeseen and unavoidable scheduling conflicts." But they've kept their chins up and pulled together something much better than a back-up plan.

This morning, the festival announced it would be replacing the two no-shows with none other than Modest Mouse and the Murder City Devils. Arguably neither band is enjoying the sort of moment that Death Grips was having (which is relative anyways given the band's relative fame), but as a match to the two dropouts they're certainly comparable. Modest Mouse in particular, while many fans may still long for The Lonesome Crowded West or Moon and Antarctica glory days, still have every bit of the notoriety as Death Cab.

So chalk that one up to making the best of an otherwise lousy situation. And hey, bonus for the rest of us: we also got this gem out of the equation.

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Jeff Gage
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