Fun Fun Fun Fest Announce "Guess the Fest" Competition

We get it. You've cracked the code on this whole music festival business. You've got it down to a science where you can predict which bands the organizers are angling for each year, based strictly on a formula of tour schedules, nostalgia, and price range. You've basically gamed this system.

Well, the folks at Fun Fun Fun Fest have your number, and they're here to help add some extra fun fun fun to the experience. For the second year running, the Austin festival, scheduled to take place November 7-9, is hosting a "Guess the Fest" competition, daring Texas' best and brightest music snobs to have a go at predicting this year's lineup before it gets revealed, with a host of deluxe passes and free stuff on the line.

Given that the final slate of bands will number well into the dozens, the Fun Fun Fun folks are even trying to make things easier: rather than having to guess the entire bill, you'll only have to figure out more of them than anyone else. (Pro tip: You can probably count out M.I.A. And Slayer. And Television. But hey, that's just us. We're no gamblers.)

"Guess the Fest" ballots were opened last Friday and they'll remain so through May 19th. The following day, May 20th, the actual lineup will be revealed, at which point the winners will also be announced. Voting can be found here.

And what'll we be playing for? Why, thanks for asking. First place prize get the "Fly In" treatment, meaning a free flight and hotel, plus "Ultimate Smooth Passes" (which sound important) and side stage access to the artist of choosing. Other prizes include free weekend passes, tons of merch, and a "Romantic Hot Dog Dinner at Frank."

You get us, Fun Fun Fun. You really, really get us.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.