Gang Gang Dance, Rainbow Arabia, Sydney Confirm

Brooklyn's Gang Gang Dance isn't beholden to any particular style or scene; this foursome brews its own inimitable sonic pilsner. And into its (world) musical crock-pot goes Middle Eastern themes, acid techno, cracked synth-pad and guitar-struck runoff, and frontwoman Liz Bougatsos' exotic yelp.

The band's new album, Saint Dymphna, shrugs off those barely-on-the-leash fractal spasms that previous releases like Revival of the Shittest and God's Money led listeners to expect; the under-moored, reverb-drenched pulsations of old have been replaced by a slicker, poppier sound one could actually imagine folks who aren't hipsters/Wire readers/free spirits giving a second listen and getting down to. Plus, they brought in a rapper, and the resulting collabo works.

Los Angeles' similarly world electronica groovers Rainbow Arabia and Dallas electro-dance band Syndey Confirm open.

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Ray Cummings

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