Get Big With Dorrough On The Set of His New Music Video

Dorwin Demarcus Dorrough, the Dallas rapper known as


, who

gracefully explained to us the allure of his national hit, "Ice Cream Paint Job," in 2009

, is set to drop his


highly anticipated sophomore album,

Get Big

, sometime this year.

The title track and single from the new album

, a tribute to the "finer" things in life, talks about pocketing crazy money and earning sizable fame. But Dourrough, being the giver that he is, doesn't want to simply tell you about it--he wants to share it with you.

Alongside Arlington outfitter Yums and national baseball cap outlet Lids, Dorrough is giving fans the opportunity to (tee-hee) "win a trip to Dallas" for a cameo appearance in his next video.

But wait! There's more!

He'll also give the winner roundtrip coach airfare to town, as well as two nights of hotel accommodations, $300 in cash, and the Yums hookup for new gear to rock in their video debut. Not sure how that works if you live in Dallas an don't need to fly here or stay in a hotel, but, hey, whatever. It's still pretty fun.

The sweepstakes is going on through July 26, so you've still got time to "get big" with Dorrough on the set of his new video.

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