Gig Alert: Free Gutterth Show At J&J's Pizza In Denton

As far as blissed-out free shows go in Denton, tonight's Gutterth Productions event featuring Florene, Power Animal, Lite Brite and Sunnybrook will be hard to beat. The show's gonna be in the Old Dirty Basement at J&J's Pizza, and the event, dubbed Rivers/Tides, is scheduled to start at either 8 p.m. or 9 p.m. depending on where you read. Florene's headlining tonight, and we've already told you about the duo's energetic live sets. But, if you're a fan of the more serene sounds of Mom Sleep Whale, you may want to show up early.

Sunnybrook is Paul North, who just joined Sleep Whale after its name change. Paul is the brother of Joel North, who was already in Sleep Whale, and who is playing tonight under his solo moniker of Lite Brite.

Power Animal is from Philadelphia, and I'm not exactly sure how they ended up this bill, but the band's stuff seems like a great fit. And, again, it's a free show.

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