Gig Alert: Girl Talk and Big Boi Play SMU Tonight. For Free.

OK. There are certain things that are undoubtedly cool about living in a big city. Like when huge shows evade the radar of just about everyone.

How huge? How about Spring Concert, put on by Southern Methodist University's Program Council, featuring one of the most influential mash-up artists in the mighty Girl Talk? Oh yeah, and one-half of Outkast will also be there as Big Boi is also set to make an appearance.

And it's all going on tonight. And it's free. Wait, what?

For the uninitiated, Girl Talk (nee Greg Gillis) is one of the most progressive and one of the first artists to perfect the art of mash-up--taking loops and sounds from disparate sources (in his case everything from dance to hip-hop to pop hits) and recontextualizing them to create a new sounds altogether. The results usually run deep into the realm of dance-inspiring groove.

As for Big Boi? Well, if you're unfamiliar with the most creative hip-hop group of all time, maybe you don't deserve to see Big Boi, anyway.

If you're up for it, though, get there early: The event's listing has the show running from 7 p.m. till 10. But, again, it's FREE. Concert takes place at the Doak Walker Plaza, across from Ford Stadium near the southeastern edge of campus.

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