Gig Alert: J-Live On Saturday Night at the Lounge on Elm Street

J-Live fans must lurk quietly in the corners of obscurity--kinda like Jurassic 5 fans. You otherwise wouldn't know they existed until there's a show.

Then it's packed.

This week Facebook was suddenly buzzing about the J-Live show tomorrow night at The Lounge on Elm Street. New York and  Atlanta have gotten the majority of Justice's attention this year, but his D-Town fans have been springing up and shaking off dust like the "Thriller" zombies.

Considering the vibe of his new album, Then What Happened?, showgoers should expect to rock '90s style. Me? I'm still convinced that was the golden era of hip hop.

Anyway, re-familiarize yourself with Justice Live as he spits hot fire over beat breaks and funky, old soul. Make sure you check out "Upgrade" and "Walkman Music." Who doesn't remember having a Walkman, maaan?

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