Gig Alert: Joey Kendall and Charlie Shafter At The Boiler Room In Denton

Attention fans of quirky folk-pop: Joey Kendall of Mount Righteous will be playing a free show at the Boiler Room in Denton tonight. But, even if Mount Righteous' acoustic marching-band-style pop music isn't your thing (read: you hate them), don't write Kendall off.

Sure, he's the guy credited with coming up with "the Mount Righteous vision", but, since tonight's gig is a solo performance, it would be safe to assume that Kendall will be playing material more like the extremely interesting (and noticeably less cottony-candy-flavored) stuff he's been putting out as The Family Circuits...

The rather discordant tracks The Family Circuits has streaming over on its MySpace page sound like what I'd expect we'd get if Sufjan Stephens or Danielson spent more time on a Macbook when they collaborate.

And while there is some mention of candy bars in one of the songs' lyrics the rest of the material is much less rainbows and lollipops and more brain tumors and vomit.

Speaking of vomit...check out the flyer for the gig (pictured above). It's easily the most disgusting show flyer I've ever seen that isn't for a Death Metal band.

As far as live music goes, the show looks like it may be the only thing going on tonight in Denton. Also on the bill: Charlie Shafter of The Charlie Shafter Band, who have apparently changed its name to Charlie Shafter & The Gnomes. But, it doesn't look like Shafter's band or his gnomes will be accompanying him tonight. Oh, well.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.