Gig Alert: Matthew Gray, Baruch The Scribe, The Fox & The Bird and Angel Lenora at The Hydrant in Denton Tonight... For Free

This looks to be a grand weekend for shows in Denton, with an excellent bill at The Hydrant tonight kicking off the weekend one day early. If you haven't been to a show at The Hydrant yet, then this should be a great bill to catch.

The two-story coffee shop/venue is a block off the Square, and it has a great upstairs performance space, which we've already inked and blogged about plenty. Tonight's free show, put together by The Bee's Fifth Collective, features the art collective's own Matthew Gray performing under his Matthew Gray, Delves Into The Humanity Pools With The Six Foot Saucer Pot People moniker, as well as some stellar Denton artists that, though they may not be "new" in the strictest sense of the word, you may not have heard much about... yet.

The purpose of tonight's show, according to Gray, is to be a sort of "new music showcase."

Baruch the Scribe sounds like a more Appellation version of Sufjan Stevens, or what I think Stevens' Texas-themed album would sound like if he spent a few weeks writing songs on the lawn of Denton's Courthouse Square hanging out with The Baptist Generals. I haven't seen Baruch the Scribe perform yet, but I'm told the band's live shows are not to be missed (and much more progressive than the songs the band has posted over on its MySpace page).

Also playing, a charming, folksy group based in Richardson called The Fox and The Bird, and the debut performance of Denton's own Angel Lenora & the Hand Combine.

Again, the show is free. Doors open at 8 p.m. If you don't like banjos or coffee, though, then best stay at home tonight.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.