Gig Alert: The BS Art Fusion Show At Rubber Gloves Tonight

Live (mostly) nude models, body paint and music. What more do you need to hear about tonight's BS Art Fusion Show at Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios?

Well, for starters, Scott Danbom of Centro-matic and South San Gabriel will be playing a solo set, and Gazelles frontman Adam Bertholdi is scheduled to perform with "friends." (Not sure who Bertholdi's "friends" will be though... still waiting to hear back from him.)

But tonight is also the kickoff for DJ G's new weekly at Rubber Gloves called Left of the Dial (again, no relation, other than The Replacements).

Earlier today, DJ G (aka Jonathan Graham) told us he'll be spinning alternative cuts from the '70s and '80s--mostly proto-punk and post-punk, with equal parts shoegaze, goth, industrial and early electro thrown in for good measure.

"Basically the idea is: noisy and dark," he says.

These BS shows are usually pretty packed, and you never know what to expect--anything from collective speed-painting to half-crazed clowns with megaphones to live models, whom apparently audience members will be allowed to paint on, apparently.

Admission is free for those over 21, and, for the early birds, there'll be free tacos from Fuzzy's. Some free beer, too, we're told.  

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Daniel Rodrigue
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