Close enough.
Close enough.

Gig Alert: The Ultra Twist, Pipsqueak, TV Ghost and VIDEO at the 818 House in Denton

Tonight, Denton's 818 House has booked what promises to be a spectacular evening--one which will take audiences from a local opener to an Italian touring act.  

(First: Yes, 818 House is the same DIY venue with a similar numerical prefix that participated in this year's Phat Camp and House by House Fest in Denton. Second: Yes, we spoke with residents of 818 House before blogging all willy-nilly about this show--hence the modified, less "specific" venue name.)

Now, onto tonight's show: Whether you like older or newer No Bunny stuff, then it's a fair bet that you'll dig Italy's The Ultra Twist and/or California's Pipsqueak.

But me? I've been looking forward to catching Indiana's TV Ghost since I stumbled across the band's stuff some time back. The gloom-wave act's early stuff sounded like it could've fit on one of those Crypt Records compilation discs, but its newer material is darker, denser and deeper--a bit like if Evangelicals had all the poppy-tendencies sucked out and replaced with some No Wave blood and campy punk bite.

Oh, and, speaking of bite:  Denton's VIDEO will be playing what looks to be the band's last local show until October. I'm still raving about the band's performance at Rubber Gloves, and I cannot wait to see the band play tonight in the 818 House.
The show's supposed to kick off at 9 p.m., which in Denton means it'll probably start closer to 10 p.m. If you need directions, send a message to 818 House via its MySpace page. Also, ask them to send you some information on another great bill they've booked for this Sunday night.


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