Giggle Party Checks In From San Francisco With Happy Bullets/Tah-Dahs Double-Cover "Dallas Fuck Yeah"

They may be in San Francisco, but it looks like Giggle Party left their heart in Dallas.

At least, that's the conclusion I'm drawing from this fun new song by the band who brought us "Jason Bought A Hatchet," the Expo Park DIY space Handsome Kitten and taught us that you can wash down cupcakes with 40s of OE.

"Dallas Fuck Yeah" is sort of a dual cover, with elements of The Happy Bullets' "Fuck Yeah, I'm In Love With You" and The Tah-Dahs' "Dallas," with a beat that's all Giggle Party. After the jump, you can download the track. Plus, Jason Reichl offers his thoughts on the song and updates us on the progress of the forthcoming Giggle Party album.

Dallas Fuck Yeah

Dallas Fuck Yeah


Writes Reichl:

We took the lyrics of The Happy Bullets song and picked what was fun for us and then we wrote a beat. We then took our favorite part of Dallas by the Tah Dahs and smashed that together. Plus we never really curse so this song was super fun to put together and curse a bunch in.

We played the song at The Happy Bullets release party and they loved it or so they said. Whatevers, they don't have a choice in the matter. Giggle Party took their awesome song and made it randy. The Tah Dahs is just awesome pop music and he seemed cool enough so we wanted to pay tribute.

San Francisco is great. We just finished our album and got final mixes out. Next is mastering in Chicago and to the people in September time frame. It's a bunch of songs about death. I think it's going to be rad.

We will begin playing in San Fran in September. Hopefully we'll find a label to help us out with the distribution of our fun-agenda and musics.

And he promised to send a song when the album is back from mastering, so keep your eyes peeled for at least one more Giggle Party MP3.

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