Go To the Prophet Bar On A Wednesday Night. It's Good For You. Trust Us. You'll Enjoy It.

Another show not mentioned here, but that's worth noting nonetheless, is happening tonight. Happens every Wednesday night, actually -- the weekly jam session at the Prophet Bar hosted by Erykah Badu musical director R.C. Williams.

I've written about it a lot -- last week, when Badu, Mos Def and Talib Kweli dropped in; a couple of weeks earlier when Williams' own The Gritz debuted the lead single off of their upcoming album; and twice back in '09, once in print and once on the blog, when I first fell in love with the event. In this week's paper, I write about it again, with even more passion behind it. Maybe this time it'll register.

In some cases, though, hopefully not; a friend who has joined me at the past few weeks of the event just emailed me angrily upon seeing my latest piece on it.

"Figured you'd be writing something on it soon," he wrote. "Now it's gonna get crowded, you jerk."

To that, well, I say good: More of you need to see this event. Tonight's goings-on make for a good excuse, too. Tonight, R.C. Williams and the rest of his regular crew will be paying tribute to Michael Jackson.

Maybe I'll see you there.

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