Good Friday: Alter Bridge, The Gourds, Slow Burners, West End Motel, Novaak, The O's, Derailers, Styx, Dub Assembly and More!

With the holidays behind us, we can welcome back our regularly scheduled touring bands.

Not the best way to kick off the first weekend of the year, though, is tonight's performance by former Creed members, Alter Bridge, at Trees.

Yes, turds will be shooting from their guitars all night long. No, you cannot get in if you haven't already paid. The show is sold out.

As for shows that are not yet sold out, here's a list of shows we've been mentioning all week long:

Tonight, The Gourds make their Kessler Theater debut with the help of self-proclaimed brisket-core act Naptime Shake, and Slow Burners, Luke Wade & No Civilians and Delmore Pilcrow help keep the lights on over at Hailey's Club in Denton. Mastodon singer Brent Hinds will have two of his side projects, West End Motel and Fiend Without a Face, at Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios.

On Saturday, Novaak, Eyes and Ears and Peopleodian will also perform at Hailey's Club, and The O's, Southbound Lane, Wheeler Sparks and Luke Wade will be at the Kessler Theater.

Check out more of this weekend's shows after the jump.

The Derailers
Friday, January 7, at Dan's Silverleaf

The Derailers have been at it since 1995, cranking out one acclaimed album of traditional honky-tonk country after another. And, through it all, they've squeezed almost enough touring in to join the million miles club.

Tweed EQ, Red 100's, Jokersdeck
Friday, January 7, at Double Wide

According to the Double Wide website, heavy-riffing blues act Tweed EQ are celebrating the release of their sophomore album tonight. We thought the album wasn't coming out until February. One of us is wrong.

Watchers, Steel Hook Prostheses, Welby, Depths
Friday, January 7, at Good Records

It's Mark Church's birthday -- y'know, the curmudgeonly fellow who mans the front desk and restocks the bins at Good Records. And, to celebrate, he's bringing in some of his favorite bands, including his own experimental noise act, Welby, as the opener. Other bands on the bill range from black metal and noise rock.

Neeks, Binary Sunrise, Shiny Around The Edges
Saturday, January 8, at Pastime Tavern

Not a lot of information on the interweb about Neeks. Either way, two top-notch locals will be opening the show. Denton's Shiny Around The Edges will kick things off with their slow, experimental noise-pop, and then Binary Sunrise will get the party moving with their highly danceable indie pop.

Saturday, January 8, at Billy Bob's Texas

Yep, they're still riding the wave of success earned by "Mr. Roboto."

Texas High School Rock Off
Saturday, January 8, at House Of Blues

Pete's judging this thing. So, basically, a bunch of kids decided to enter a battle of the bands for the chance to play on the House of Blues' main stage. And that will be fun -- right up until Pete crushes their hopes and dreams, Simon Cowell-style.

Dub Assembly
Sunday, January 9, at Trees

The dance phenomenon known as dubstep has been met with an unlikely fanfare here in Dallas. It's so popular that we got our top scientists together (read: one intern with Photoshop), and dissected how a dubstep song is made. And it's actually kind of easy. So, to all you struggling dubstep artists, you're welcome. I'm sure that Dub Assembly appreciates our work.

That's it from us. We hope you have a great weekend, and we'll see you back here on Monday.

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