Good Friday: Hayes Carll, Buddy Guy, Eaton Lake Tonics, Wanda Jackson, Hard Night's Day, American Werewolf Academy, Aska, Spoonfed Tribe, HELLYEAH, Tweed EQ, Wild Party & More!

Tonight, Hayes Carll plays the second-to-last show in his North Texas tour.

He'll be at Lola's Saloon in Fort Worth, and then, tomorrow night, he'll be at Poor David's Pub. After this little stint, he'll do five shows in the Houston area, then three in Austin and San Antonio. So catch him while he's still in the the neighborhood.

His shows aren't the only big things going on this weekend. We've got several good shows to choose from, starting with the ones we've already mentioned this week.

Saturday is particularly busy. Buddy Guy will play the blues at Billy Bob's Texas, and at Hailey's Club in Denton, Eaton Lake Tonics will say goodbye with one of their last ever performances, which These Mad Dogs of Glory and Warren Hearne will support. Meanwhile, Wanda Jackson will perform with Lalagray and The King Bucks over at Kessler Theater.

Hit the jump for more of this weekend's shows.

Guns 4 Roses, Blizzard Of Ozz
Friday, February 25, at House Of Blues

Still pissed about Chinese Democracy? Well, we're sure that Guns 4 Roses (a GNR tribute act, duh) will do their best to make up for it by playing plenty of "Sweet Child of Mine."

Hard Night's Day
Friday, February 25, at Granada Theater

Hard Night's Day aren't the look-a-likes you would expect from a proper Beatles tribute band. Led by a tow headed Paul Averitt, this fab four (or sometimes five) are just in if for the fun, and they expect the same from their devout audience, who return the sentiment at their shows.

The Mullens, American Werewolf Academy
Friday, February 25, at Double Wide

Fresh from their newly released 7" blue vinyl single "The Hop w/ The Kid Stays In The Picture," Dallas punk/rock/garage act American Werewolf Academy, will perform at the Double Wide. Their tight sound, influenced heavily by pop rock acts of yesteryear will go over nicely in the Double Wide's intimate room.

Spoonfed Tribe
Friday, February 25, The Kessler Theater

Possibly the first night ever at The Kessler when Jeff Liles won't stick out like a sore thumb.

Saturday, February 26, at The Bone

'80s outer space metal with racist lyrics and old guys. We're so there. Check it out.

Brave Combo
Saturday, February 26, at Dan's Silverleaf

The revered Denton polka band have nearly 30 studio albums under their belts, which might explain why they're playing two shows at Dan's tonight, one at nine and one at ten. Their shows are always fun events, and, yes, they do play the chicken dance.

HELLYEAH, Overscene, S.A.O.
Saturday, February 26, at Trees

From the ashes of Damageplan, which rose from the ashes of Pantera, comes HELLYEAH, which we've written plenty about. This rock/metal supergroup, which features members of the aforementioned acts and Mudvayne. Their show on Saturday at the relatively small Trees will be a good fit, thanks in part to the venue's ridiculously loud sound system.

St. Cloud, Tweed EQ
Saturday, February 27, at City Tavern

We jumped the gun one Tweed EQ's CD release show a few weeks ago. Turns out the band had to reschedule it for Saturday night, and, well, now that date has been pushed back yet again. Now the release will take place in April, when the local blues-rock act will have plenty of copies of their sophomore album Second Tour on hand. Until then, City Tavern is the perfect venue for this show. To take your mind off of the fact that you can't get their CD yet, just order a couple of Dirty Dusty's and you'll be fine.

Wild Party, The Campaign
Sunday, February 27, at Lola's Saloon

A few months ago, we wrote a little bit about half-Dallas/half-Boerne band Wild Party, who were about to embark on a nine-date tour through the UK with The Wombats. Funny thing was, they had only ever played two shows before that. But now that the dust has settled and they've got a few more performances under their belts, they should appear a little more comfortable in their skin during Sunday's show at Lola's Saloon.

... and that's it from us. We hope you have a great weekend, and we'll see you back here on Monday.

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