Good Friday: Ludo, Derek Trucks, Brave Combo, Awkquarius, Screaming Red, The Southern Sea, Southern Culture On The Skids, Jessie Frye, Darktown Strutters, Plants & Animals, The Make Believers, Inner City All-Stars, White Tie Affair, Brent Best

It's Friday, everybody, case ya didn't know. An, as such, it's time to look at the weekend calendars and plan out your, um, plans. Let's do this.

First, the shows we've always talked on...

Tonight, there's the Dr. Dooom vs. Dr. Octagon show at the Loft and that apparently hotly anticipated Trebuchet CD release show at Hailey's (with Dead Twins and Peacemaker).

Tomorrow night's chock full o' goodness, too: Woven Hand, True Widow and Shiny Around The Edges at Club Dada; the kickass bill of the Texas Showcase Showdown at the House of Blues; THe BAcksliders, The Cocky Americans and Slider Pines at The Lounge; Alejandro Escovedo at Poor David's Pub; and Cut Copy, Matt & Kim and Knightlife at the Granada. And, before all that, in the afternoon, starting at 3 o'clock, there's Bosque Brown's Good Records CD release show, which will also feature Blackbird Harmony.

And, on Sunday night, there's the Take Action! Tour at the House of Blues.

Now, the best shows we've yet to touch base on are after the jump. And, as always, if you don't see one on there that deserves to be? Let us know in the comments.

Ludo, Sing It Loud, The Morning Light, This Providence
Friday, March 6, at House of Blues' Pontiac Garage

Ludo's the main draw here, and the band scored a moderate alt-rock radio hit with last year's "Love Me Dead", which is a somewhat predictably noir-ish rock song, even if it's kinda catchy. Can't really speak to the band--or any of the other bands on the bill--beyond that, though, as I'm just not too well-versed on them. I might be, though, when I catch Kelly Knickerbocker's review of the show later this weekend. Right, Kelly? Nevermind!

Derek Trucks Band, Gary Clark, Jr.
Friday, March 6, at the Granada Theater

No big deal, but Derek Trucks has been playing guitar--professionally, mind you--since the age of 12. Twelve! Nuts. And, he hasn't been doing it for slouches either, but for the likes of the Allmans, Clapton and Buddy Guy. Again no big deal. Plus, he's married to Susan Tedeschi, another well-respected musician. And his new record's getting rave reviews. If you even kinda like contemporary blues rock, this show will probably kick your ass. In a good way, I mean.

Brave Combo
Friday, March 6, at Dan's Silverleaf in Denton

As if Brave Combo weren't cool enough, NX35 organizer Chris Flemmons told me the other day that it was Brave Combo leader Carl Finch who got Harvey Pekar to hop on board and speak at the "conferette". Awe. Some.

Rivercrest Yacht Club, Awkquarius, PVC Street Gang
Friday, March 6, at the Double Wide

In writing my column this week, I was this close to comparing Damaged Good$ to Awkquarius' Pikahsso and Tahiti, as both duos boast hip-hop guys who can charm the socks off of and win over any crowd they're faced with. Awkquarius has been doing it longer, though, and, as Pik likes to say, they're just a couple of "goofy dudes". Goofy, sure. But always entertaining.

Kansas City Faggots
, Last of the Interceptors, Big Fiction, Screaming Red
Friday, March 6, at The Lounge

A bunch of area punk rock favorites on this bill. But if I were to only see one of them, I'd try to check out Screaming Red. They band's got a pretty straightforward punk sound, but three of its four members are female, and, according to Myspace pictures I've stumbled across while, um, researching, well, it looks pretty intense.

The Slow Burners, The Southern Sea, Menkena
Friday, March 6, at City Tavern

With The Slow Burners playing this show, I think this makes it like the hundred weekend in a row that Ryan Thomas Becker or one of his bands has played at the City Tavern--which is less a knock on Becker than a positive sign for City Tavern. Seriously: Check out the City Tavern. If not tonight, then sometime soon. It doesn't boast the best sound system in the world, but the upstairs room is a comfortable spot with ample seating and a well-positioned stage. At this show, The Southern Sea will be pimping out its latest disc of enjoyable indie pop (just released it seems--where's our review copy fellas!?!?!) and Menkena will play, too, bringing the slowcore.

Southern Culture On The Skids
Saturday, March 7, at Sons of Hermann Hall

Web editor Patrick Michels will be at this punkabilly show at Sons tomorrow night, taking pictures for a slideshow that I imagine he'll post early next week. He's a big fan, I'm told.

Jessie Frye, Taylor Davis
Saturday, March 7, at Opening Bell (Mosaic)

Actually, we wrote about this show a while back--Frye's first in Dallas, I think, despite the fact that she made the SXSW cut.

Darktown Strutters, Eat Avery's Bones, PVC Street Gang, Slackbeat
Saturday, March 7, at Chat Room Pub, Fort Worth

Nothing against any of these bands or against the venue, which I hear is quite the place to see a show. But, is it just me, or does the same lineup play this place every weekend?

Plants & Animals, Bridges & Blinking Lights
Saturday, March 7, at Hailey's in Denton

A great early SXSW spillover show at Hailey's tomorrow night as Montreal indie rock outfit Plants & Animals stops through Denton. Joining them on the bill is Bridges & Blinking Lights, making this, officially, the bill with the most ampersands in it in this week's Good Friday! Also, I ran into B&BL's Marc Montoya at Dove Hunter's recent Vickery Park deal; he said the new B&BL record is coming along quite nicely. So keep an eye out for that.

Johnny Lloyd Rollins, The Make Believers, The Jungle Rockers
Saturday, March 7, at the Double Wide

Austin's Jungle Rockers luck out and find themselves paired with two quality acts here. Speaking of those acts: Rollins' upcoming record, which is being produced by Salim Nourallah, should be done in the very near future; and The Make Believers, well, they're finishing recording right now too. I caught them at a Detour at the Cavern a few weeks ago and, shit, man, these guys' jangly rock is pretty awesome. Did you hear their song on that compilation Shiny Around The Edges put together? It's great.

Inner City All-Stars, Eric Tipton
Saturday, March 7, at Lola's Sixth in Fort Worth

Don't see the Inner City All-Stars on all that many bills any more, which is weird. But, if you dig The Roots (y'know, Jimmy Fallon's house band?), this is the closest thing DFWd has, thanks to its blending of jazz and hip-hop into one pretty funky fusion.

White Tie Affair
Sunday, March 8, at House of Bluyes' Pontiac Garage

OMG, you guys: This band was totally on The Hills last season and now they have a song on the radio!

Brent Best
Sunday, March 8, at the Barley House

Because you can't go wrong with the Drams/Slobbernone frontman. Also, I didn't want to end Good Friday with White Tie Affair.

...and that's all, folks. Be good.

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